HEED Financial Services is a New Jersey based firm, family owned and operated, with over 30 years of business experience and knowledge in the SMB space. We consider ourselves SMB advocates.


We have a robust (local) network and we are a member of the IABMC (International Association of Business Mediation Consultants).

Our goal is to restructure business debt to an outcome that is feasible for both the creditor(s) and debtor. We aim to enable a debtor's company to continue doing business (and preferably grow from there). We provide capital acquisition services for for additional cash-flow.


We can consult clients on business processes improvements and business automation options. These result in ongoing cost-savings and new ways for growth, helping companies to get and stay ahead. 

We focus on New Jersey based businesses. We live here and we have a vested interest in helping our (Small & Medium) Business Community.