HEED specializes in representing a business in the restructuring, negotiation and liquidation of problem business debt. Fast and with full transparency.

Our clients often don’t realize that their creditors are willing to negotiate a private out-of-court plan for their business debt. A private out-of-court plan is attractive to (B2B) creditors because it offers significant advantages over Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 business bankruptcy. Depending on your unique situation your creditors;

  • Realize they may get no further payment if you file Chapter 7 business bankruptcy.

  • Understand they will lose control over your debt repayment plan if you file Chapter 11 business bankruptcy.

  • Rather enter into a private out-of-court debt restructuring agreement rather than get involved with the formal (and costly!) legal process of business bankruptcy.


To reach a negotiated restructured amount with a creditor or the attorney or collection agency representing a creditor, on behalf of a business debtor. Every endeavor is made to restructure a business debt to the level that is feasible for both sides while putting in best efforts to enable a debtor's company to continue doing business.


HEED and the client get together to review all facts regarding the debt origination. HEED undertakes an analysis using its copyrighted system and will then contact the creditor(s). HEED then negotiates and restructures the amounts using our specialized systems. 


No Result, No Fee. If we do not reach a restructured amount to your satisfaction, you pay nothing. We are paid on performance only and we are proud to realize 95% success rates. Our fees are based on a modest percentage of the money saved in the restructuring.

Other services we provide are capital acquisition and (if desired) we consult on business process improvements and automation. 


  • Problem debts

  • Disputed bills

  • Invoices and statements

  • Past due invoices

  • Lawsuits and Judgements

  • Workers Compensation Arrears

  • Delinquent Property or Rental & Leases

  • Delinquent Machinery/Office Equipment Rental & Leases

  • Business Loans

  • Mortgage on Business Property/Properties

  • Capital Payments Due for Improvements or Construction

Any Liability overdue by 120 days;

  • Quick Solution

  • Prevent or Stop Lawsuits

  • Results or No Fee

  • Restructure and Liquidate Business Debts

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Disclaimer: We are not a law firm and do not render legal advice. If the services of an attorney are required, then only a law firm can provide such legal services. We are not a “debt settlement” firm and do not work with consumer debt.